New Construction

Trust Bighorn for Outstanding Construction Services

With our 40 years of experience, superior construction skills and unparalleled customer care, you’ll wonder why you didn’t choose Bighorn Development & Homebuilder, Inc. sooner! Our comprehensive remodeling and new construction services will give you the home or business you’ve always wanted.

From customized homes to apartment complexes, there’s no residential or commercial project we can’t handle. Not only can we build or remodel your dream home or business, we also offer in-house design services.

Bighorn Development & Homebuilder, Inc. will design a property by using your ideas and our expertise. Once your design is complete, we’ll walk you through the entire remodeling or new construction process so you can have confidence in our ability to meet your building need.

We have eight employees and work with more than 30 subcontractors who we’ve trusted for 18 years to bring you comprehensive services and well-rounded expertise.

Transform your existing property or construct your own space by calling Bighorn Development & Homebuilder, Inc. in Kalispell, MT.


Let our contractors transform your existing space

When you don’t want to move your home or business but wish you could alter the interior of your space, call on the remodeling specialists at Bighorn Development & Homebuilders, Inc. We have eight experts and work with 30 trusted subcontractors who we’ve partnered with for more than a decade.

We work hard to give you confidence in our ability to remodel your space or build you a completely new one. Trust Bighorn Development & Homebuilders, Inc. to provide you with stellar construction services and unparalleled customer care. Call 406-257-7646 today to take one more step toward owning your dream space.